Candid photography is a newer trend in the Indian market and is getting a lot of takers. It involves the photographer using various techniques to try to capture subjects casually. This allows the photographer to make the pictures seem like a story displaying emotions and capturing rare moments that would otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten.

Wedding videography industry has taken wedding film on the following meaning: It is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood. It is usually presented with a particular style and “wow” effect.

We love setting up scenes where you can be silly, Fun, and playful. We take you to differ whether You’re jumping, doing silly poses, or expressing Some inside jokes between you and your partner, We’ll be sure to have a great time during our Couples session and our wedding party session.

Inviting people to your BIG DAY is becoming modern day by day. We conceptualize a small video with amazing graphical elements and footages of the couple usually 40 seconds long. Can be sent on watsapp, facebook, twitter and other social media platform. This creative stuffed video will grab the attention of the guest to be present for the event.

Traditional photography is the style of photography we’re all used, where carefully framed photographs are taken of subjects that pose for the photographer. These photographs are usually very well planned out and hence ideal for your framed photos.

Typically described as a documentary film of the event. Segments are edited as they occur to preserve continuity. This style of editing will produce a polished documentation of the day as it unfolds. Also can be referred to as Documentary Style.

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